How to Raise a Child with Good Health Habits

Your child’s health habits start before they are even born. When you’re pregnant, make sure you eat healthy foods and take your prenatal vitamins on schedule to give your baby the best possible start in life, both mentally and physically. Once your baby is born, you can help them develop good habits by choosing the best food and drink for them to consume. Here are some tips to help you raise your children with good health habits from infancy through adulthood.

The Importance of Sleep

Many parents are unaware of how important sleep is to their child’s growth and development. Getting enough sleep each night not only allows your child’s body and mind to recover from each day, but also affects cognitive skills such as memory and attention span. Studies have shown that children who get enough sleep perform better in school than those who don’t. You can help your child establish good sleeping habits by establishing early bedtimes, setting a consistent schedule (including weekends), keeping televisions out of their bedrooms, and avoiding screen time during dinner or right before bedtime. Even though it can be difficult for both parent and child, persistence pays off; eventually they will adjust their schedules accordingly, allowing everyone in your family some much-needed zzzz’s.