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HealthSerena Williams Is Set To Make A Comeback With Wildcard Entry Into...

Serena Williams Is Set To Make A Comeback With Wildcard Entry Into Wimbledon 

As the saying goes, rarely do you appreciate a good thing until it’s gone and when it comes to the talent of Serena Williams, hers is an athleticism that we couldn’t help but take for granted. For decades, Williams not only won Grand Slams but came to dominate the sport of tennis. We came to expect her appearance in the grand final of any major tournament on the competitive calendar, with her trademark fashionable ensemble, powerful serve, and the kind of down-the-line backhand that would leave even her opponents applauding such a shot. 

While the demands of sport mean every athlete must retire at some point, most of us found it hard to imagine a time in which Williams wouldn’t be a permanent fixture on the women’s singles tennis circuit. And so when she was injured last year, we found ourselves in unknown territory: a season without Serena Williams. 

Thankfully, Williams is now set to make her long-awaited return to the game after being granted a wildcard into the Wimbledon singles draw. Taking to social media to announce the news, she posted a picture of her trainers and ankle brace on grass, alongside her tennis bag. She simply captioned the photo: “SW and SW19. It’s a date. 2022, see you there.”

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